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» I have a question about payments or deliveries
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Payments and deliveries Q&A
How can I pay?
You can use your VISA, MasterCard or Solo credit or debit card on our secure checkout page.
Are payments secure?
Absolutely! We use Google's Checkout system to make sure your payments are completely secure. Google are well-known for their world-class products, and thousands of online shops Google Checkout.
Is delivery free?
How much does a picture cost?
It depends on what you wish to use it for, for example personal use is cheaper than advertising use, and a 1/2 page ad is cheaper than a full-page ad. Please see our price list page for more details.
Are there any hidden fees like a credit card handling fee?
No. We hate those as much as you do...
What currency are prices quoted in?
British Pounds (GBP), but you can pay for them in any currency. You can check the current exchange rates on, for example.
Do you accept payments only in British Pounds?
No, payments can be made in any currency (US dollars, Euros, etc.).
How long does delivery take?
It usually takes less than one working day, but (in rare cases) may take up to 2 working days.
How are orders delivered?
After you've ordered an image, you'll receive an email containing a link to the high-resolution image file(s). You do not need to worry about large image files clogging up your mailbox, as your mailbox will only contain a link to the image, not the whole image itself.
Picture Q&A
What if I'm not satisfied with the pictures?
We have never received any complaints about the quality of our pictures from our clients, but if you are not satisfied with the images you purchased, we will of course issue a full refund. And we're really sorry if that should ever happen.
Can I get high resolution digital copies?
Absolutely. That is exactly how we supply images to our clients so the pictures are instantly ready to go to print.
Can I get prints?
We do not sell prints at this time, but you can easily have the digital copies you receive from us printed.
What resolution are the images?
The resolution usually ranges from 3,000x2,700 pixels to 4,700x3,000 pixels (equivalent to 14 megapixels).
What format are the images in?
By default the images come as very high quality JPEG files, but delivery in TIF format is also possible—please add a note to your order if you require the latter.
Can I crop the images?
Can I adjust the image's colors or turn it into black & white?
Licensing Q&A
What license types are there?
Our images are usually licensed for specific purposes, for example a «half-page ad in a magazine» or a «full page article illustration in a newspaper», with the price depending on how and where you wish to use the image (just click on buy image and choose from the list). You can also obtain an unlimited license for an image which lets you use it as many times as you want in any of your publications.

In some cases you might wish to obtain exclusive rights to a photograph — in this case please contact us at

How does the unlimited license work?
In return for the one-time license fee you'll be able to use the image as many times as you want in as many publications, advertisements, brochures, company letterheads, etc. as you want.
Do I need include the source of the photograph in the publication?
No, but if you do, we greatly appreciate it.
About the website Q&A
What is this site?
This website, called earth photography, is a stock photography agency supplying its clients with very high quality photographs. The pictures you see on this site can be used in advertisements, magazines, newspapers, books, websites, etc., making your publication more appealing to your target audience, increasing your revenue.
Why should I choose earth photography?
We believe in quality over quantity, so as opposed to most of our competition who add as many images as they can to their collections, all our images are hand-picked to ensure you get the best pictures. And our prices are quite good too!
Who are earth photography's clients?
Our client base includes magazines and book publishers, international corporations and small businesses, government organizations and private clients.
What if my question wasn't answered?
Do send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can:
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